Relatives Meeting (Id-2975)

                    Relatives Meeting (Id-2975)

There is a village festival happening in which several group of relatives meet every year.
Each person is allocated an identifier which is a positive integer.
N pairs of relatives identifiers are passed as input.
Then finally given a person's identifier I, the program must print the count of the relatives C  in the group of the person with the identifier I.

Input Format:
The first line contains the values of N.
N lines contain the identifiers of two persons who are related.
The next line (N+2)th line, will contain the identifier I of the person for whom the relative count of his group is to be printed.

Output Format:
The first line will contain the count of relatives C in the group of the person with identifier I.

Boundary Conditions:
1 <= N <= 10000
1 <= I <= 1000000

Example Input/Output 1:
10 20
30 20
40 10
55 35
55 22



10, 20, 30, 40 form a relative group.
55, 35, 22 form another relative group.
So the count of relatives for the person with identifier 40 is 4.


int n,i,j,k; cin>>n; int a[n][3],b[1000]; for(i=0;i<n;i++){ cin>>a[i][0]>>a[i][1]; } cin>>b[0]; int l=1; for(i=0;i<l;i++){ for(j=0;j<n;j++){ if(a[j][0]==b[i]){ int state=0; for(int s=0;s<l;s++){ if(b[s]==a[j][1]){ state=1; break; } } if(state==0){ b[l++]=a[j][1]; } } if(a[j][1]==b[i]){ int state=0; for(int s=0;s<l;s++){ if(b[s]==a[j][0]){ state=1; break; } } if(state==0){ b[l++]=a[j][0]; } } } } cout<<l;

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